Human flourishing; well-being

Eudaimonia is such a loaded word …

It’s much more than just happiness. According to Aristotle, every single person on this planet has a uniqueness about them for the reason of serving a higher purpose. The thing that allows you to express that uniqueness or serve that higher purpose, is eudaimonia.

Happiness comes about as a common translation because …

When you’re living your purpose, there is happiness, but more than that. There is also bliss, and joy and peace and fulfilment.

You feel fulflilled because …

You’re doing what you’re supposed to do. You are, who you’re supposed to be. Life however, has a way of blocking our eudaimonia. Striping us of our uniqueness and moving us further away from our true purpose. Once upon a time joy lived in us. Once upon a time, we weren’t jaded.

The Best Is Yet To Come!

Reclaiming Eudaimonia isn’t about trying to go back to a place or time when were happy, it’s about moving forward in the direction of where we will be our happiest yet. It’s about thriving in the sense of how we as individuals were put here to thrive, and not how we allowed our life’s circumstances to dictate to us, what thriving looked like.