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Let’s get into it, today we’re talking about guarding your peace. I don’t think I’ll ever get into the specifics of the toxic mayhem I’ve had to deal with throughout the course of my life (as I am yet to work through it with a therapist) but I will share with you the things that I’ve learned along the way. Peace is everything. When I tell you everything, I mean every fucking thing. Guard your peace. This means setting up firm boundaries for sure but more than that, it means creating distance between people if you have to. One of the tactics employed by a few of the toxic people I’ve had the displeasure of encountering is reactive abuse. Reactive abuse is when a person deliberately pushes your buttons to get a rise, or plain reaction out of you. Hence my endearing nickname for these folks “trigger-happy buffoons”.

If you’re at a point where you’re starting to realize that you can no longer have peace when a certain person is around, it’s okay for you to take a step back and start to move away from whoever. And get this, some of the people you might have to create space from can be family members. Nothing about the word family restricts anybody from being toxic towards you. I don’t think I’m saying anything controversial here because in this day and age where we’re beginning to see the importance of taking care of our mental health, a lot of us are starting to see that family isn’t exempt from “toxicity”. It would be nice if family really was perfect, but that’s not everybody’s experience and coming out and saying that shouldn’t feel so embarrassing, or shameful, but it does. When I tell my friends who in my family I’m not close to, or deeper than that, can’t imagine ever having a relationship with, it’s embarrassing. Embarrassing or not though, it is what it is. Peace isn’t something anyone can give you, but it’s something that people can either add to or take away from. Not every toxic person is trigger happy, but the ones that are taught me the importance of having the right people in your corner.

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