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When People Expect You To Forgive Them Without Having to Apologize

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Hi folks,

It’s been a minute since I’ve actually posted on the blog site but, if you’re following Breaking The Toxic Nexus on social media, I’ve done a better job following it up there.

Regardless, it feels good to be back. I’ve had a few exciting changes the past couple of weeks that I’ve had to adjust to, but now I can say I’m back. Congrats are in order though, your girl started a cool new job 🙂

I’ll echo something I’ve probably said a lot on other posts: a person who doesn’t think they need to acknowledge how their actions affect you is a person who thinks that they can walk all over you. When you know you’ve done something wrong to someone, it doesn’t feel right interacting with them as you normally would without at least acknowledging that the energy between you two is off, correct? Fun fact about toxic people, they would agree with that statement, but only if the shoe is on the other foot. If it’s not them having to do the “apologizing” you’d never get away with carrying on as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, when they’re on the wrong, you’re supposed to just overlook their BS. Don’t even get me started on the fact that when they do apologize, there’s a timeline in which you’re supposed to forgive them by, and it’s usually, “right away”.

Toxic people are bizarre to say the least (and to put it nicely), but when the people you’re with start to move in this kind of way, distance yourself. I know this from experience: you’d rather be lonely because you’re alone, than be lonely because you have the wrong someone or someones right next to you. You’re not a doormat, and it’s more than okay to set that firm boundary when someone expects you to be.

Have great Friday y’all and I’ll catch you on the next post

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