Ignoring The Elephant in The Room

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Ignoring the elephant in the room and carrying on as if nothing is off, is standard operating procedure for a toxic person who doesn’t want to address something they’ve likely done to you. If the roles were reversed, you could never dream of getting away with pulling this same stint on them. It’s natural to have some degree of anxiety when it comes to being called out, and sometimes that’s what it could be. You won’t know for sure though until you actually go ahead and address the elephant in the room. If they’re still okay with carrying on as if acknowledging what you have to say about the situation is dumb, unnecessary, bothersome etc. They’re telling you something important, pay attention. I don’t know why they’re saying your perspective, feelings, voice doesn’t matter, but for whatever reason, to them it doesn’t and you have a decision to make. You can’t axe every toxic relationship in your life, but you can adjust the level of access you give people. When a person is okay with doing something that rubs you the wrong way and doesn’t even think it’s worth acknowledging that simple fact, it usually means they think thet can walk all over you.

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