Equally Yolked in Relationships

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Happy Friday. I started this series on social media and I’m calling it Breaking The Toxic Nexus, and I’m following it up on here because I don’t like typing paragraphs in the captions.

One of the things about toxic behavior is that it will leave you questioning yourself. It’s called gaslighting. Gaslighting is when a person tries to convince you that your reality is wrong. Gaslighting seeks to invalidate you at every turn. Gaslighting is already bad enough when it’s being done to you, but when you’ve dealt with enough toxic people, you start doing it to yourself. (Questioning your own reality and invalidating yourself at every turn). “Maybe I’m being too sensitive,” “maybe I misread the situation” “maybe I’m overthinking” “maybe there’s something I’m not seeing” and much more. I’m here to say fuck all that noise. I’ll be honest, I am kinda poking fun at toxic people in this series because the more of these comics I’m putting out, the funnier it’s getting. This series is my attempt at making the red flags as clear as possible. You can check it out by clicking any of the icons in the sidebar. In summary, you’re not crazy, you’re just in a crazy situation. The sooner you see it, the sooner you can get to establishing yourself some healthy boundaries.

Let’s talk about being equally yolked in relationships. In a sale, you wouldn’t accept $48 for an item priced $110. In reality, this shit would never fly without the item either being marked down or if bargaining was allowed. Let’s assume that the asking price is the final price. In whatever plane of existence our moods and emotions exist, these exchanges happen all the time. A person who wants to invest in whatever relationship you have going with them will. If they don’t, it means that they don’t value the relationship as much as you had hoped. You wanting them to value the relationship isn’t what’s going to get them to value the relationship. Why don’t they care as much as you do you ask? I don’t know, there’s plenty of reasons and factors. What I do know for sure is that none of them are your problem. Learning to let things go is hard and it hurts, but once you get into the habit of accepting things for what they are, not what you want them to be, you’ll be happier. You’ll also drop the habit of wasting energy on relationships that aren’t worth the effort.

That’s all from me, I’ll catch you in the next post. You know the vibe.

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