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Breaking Toxic Ties

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Good morning and good morning folks,

I hope you’ve all been well. Feel free to drop an emoji in the comment section that represents how you’re feeling today. Hopefully you’re feeling great because today is Friday! I’ll start, here’s mine 🙂

Next order of business, what I’m about to say, I’m not going to put it gently. Not because I consider myself a direct, keeping it real type of gal. I’m actually the opposite. I’m more of a “say it gently” type of gal. The reason I’m not going to filter what I say today and from here on out, however, is because I’m tired of toxic patterns and I think I think they need to start getting called out.

#1. “Let go of your romanticized idea of who you think people are supposed to be and pay attention to who they actually are. Just because your life labeled them important things like family, friends, husband, or wife, doesn’t mean anything. It should but it doesn’t. You know why? People aren’t shaped by the labels or roles they play in other people’s lives, they’re shaped by their experiences. Nobody starts out sh*tty but to ignore that some people turn out that way is to do yourself a disservice”

-Breaking the toxic nexus with @Rea_Wellness

Stay tuned folks, there’s a lot more where that came from, unfortunately.

You already know the vibe,

Choose Peace, Flee Drama, Drink Water



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