It’s A Good Day To Work On Your Mental Health

Good morning and good morning folks,

It feels so good to be back blogging again, sorry I had to disappear for a minute but please know you were missed!

Let’s jump right in. At first, when you start to address the things in your life that don’t serve you, its hard. Imagine you have a room. Now imagine you’re clearing out that room. What’s bound to happen is as you clear things out, the space in the room increases and it starts to become visibly empty. Depending on why you’re clearing out the room, that could be a good thing. If you’re moving out, I guess it’s a great thing but say, you’re not moving out. Say your clearing those things out because you’ve learned that they’re poisonous and you didn’t know. If it were a physical room, you’d be thrilled as fuck to have those out of there, but when it comes to our mental health, it doesn’t work like that. In theory you should be thrilled but instead what will wind up happening is you’ll start to feel empty. Logically you’re like, make it make sense, but emotions are weird. All I want to say is keep going because what will start to happen is that the space you cleared out, will start to get filled up again. This time, by things that help you rather than hinder you. The reason for that is because this time around, you’re paying attention to what the things in your metaphorical room actually do.

Have a wonderful day folks, stay blessed and you know the vibe,

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Choose Peace, Flee Drama, Drink Water



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