Stay hydrated

Good morning and good morning family,

Today we’re talking about drinking water. Stay hydrated up in these streets folks, you never know when the wind will whisper one of your insecurities to you. So I’ve given these cute little characters a name, they are now the Heads of Wellness.

But getting back to drinking water. You’re 70% water. Think of yourself like a river. Rivers sustain life whether that’s life that lives inside of them or life that surrounds them. When the rivers dry, it sucks. The same goes for your body. When you’re low on water, you’ll feel it. Your energy won’t be anything to write home about, you’ll eat a lot more because it’s very easy to confuse your thirst signal for hunger. Your skin won’t look as radiant, your body will hold on to toxins that should have long been flushed out. Your hair will also be kinda dry. If you’ve been working out, you’ll be sore a little longer than if you’d been drinking water regularly. Water regulates a lot of things in our bodies. Drink water regularly, it’ll make a noticeable difference. I notice it most in my energy. I’m actually proud to say that when I find myself feeling tired, before I think back to if I’d slept at all, my first thought is “when did I last drink water?”. What about you? Can tell when you’re not drinking enough water? Let me know, I’m actually kinda curious what your tells are.

Any hoo, have a lovely day, stay too blessed to be stressed and you know our vibe,

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