Get more sleep

Good morning and good morning family,

It’s been too long! I hope y’all are well.

Today we’re talking about getting more sleep. I’d seen a statistic on social media about how your pain tolerance goes down when you don’t get enough sleep, and instead of jotting down the source so I could cite it here, my mind decided to come up with ways on how I could spoof this statistic with a comic strip. Personally, I’ve never noticed if my pain tolerance has been lower when I’m not getting enough sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, you feel like shit all around so if it’s one of the things that’s happening to make you feel groggy, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it. Still, it’s good to know because I’m someone with a couple of piercings and tattoos. At the very least what I’ll be taking away from this is to definitely get a good night’s rest before getting a new piercing or tattoo. Let me know if you’ve ever noticed that your pain tolerance is a little lower on days you didn’t get enough sleep, I’m genuinely curious.

Otherwise, have a good day y’all. I hope I wasn’t gone long enough for you to forget our vibe,

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