Being smart with giving second chances

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Today we’re talking about being smart with second chances. I kind of piggybacked off yesterday’s topic but, not everybody who comes back into your life after hurting you is coming back to make things right. (See Not every relationship that ends is a loss to see part 1 of the animation above for context. The animation above is part 2). Sometimes, some people leave because they can’t stand the sight of you bleeding out from the cuts they gave you. Ever wondered why the minute you’re healed, that’s when people who caused you the wounds in the first place seem to just suddenly come back into your life like clockwork. As if, “if you’re healed then the wound can’t have been that bad.” “If you bounced back, then the shit they put you through can’t have been that devastating?” That’s not how that works.

Anyway, wait on God. That’s how you’ll know to spot the difference. I’ve been told before that I’m a very difficult person to try and bridge things with because I don’t give people the opportunity to do so. The older I get, the more entitled that statement sounds. This was said by somebody who’d burned a bridge with me. The way I see it is, you can’t burn a bridge and then look to the person whose bridge you just burned for a solution on how to get across to where they are. Don’t ever let anybody guilt trip you into giving them a second chance. If somebody’s heart is actually sincere towards making amends, they won’t blame you for not wanting to rebuild your bridges, they won’t blame you for all the boundaries you’ve placed around them, or for how much distance you put and probably continue to put between you and them. They won’t even expect that rebuilding the bridge is an option. A sincere person, will just speak their piece without placing any expectations on you and move on. Reason being they’ve embarked on their own journey to finding their own inner peace, and snaking around in people’s lives won’t be something they’ll have time for. A sincere person is willing to confront themselves, including your version of who you think they are. An insincere person on the other hand, is just an opportunist looking to worm their way back into your life. They’ll result to using all sorts of manipulation tactics to get you to lower your guard so they can worm their way back in.

When God for whatever reason tries to bring a person who hurt you back, He’ll give you peace about them. Don’t be moved by proclamations, grand gestures, or even guilt-tripping. Wait on God’s peace.

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