Not every relationship that ends is a loss

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Let’s talk about letting people you didn’t think you would have to let go of go. Sometimes our paths and the paths of the people in our lives will part ways, and that’s okay. It’ll hurt like hell if you didn’t see it coming, but it will eventually be okay. God never asks you to release anything for no reason, and what am I always saying about what God thinks of loneliness? God doesn’t like for people to be lonely. Not to be confused with alone. Alone isn’t loneliness. There’s a difference between the two. This isn’t referring to people who drift away. People who drift away might come back, or they might not, but their absence doesn’t really feel like a loss because no bridges were burned.

I can’t say I understand why turbulent relationships are difficult to let go of while you’re in them, but I can say that being far away enough where I can look back, I’m grateful that the turbulent relationships be it with guys I liked, friends, and in some cases, family members, ended. Confusion, strife, manipulation, jealousy, envy, is not anybody’s portion. I don’t know who’s battling with a rejection spirit right now, because one thing I know that turbulent relationships all have in common is that they will ghost you, or pull out the silent treatment card on you and make a show of it to get you to feel some type of way. To you who’s going through that right now, painful as it is, one day, (not one day down the line, sooner than you think) you’re going to realize that absence, is the best present some people can gift you. You may think back to the fond memories you have with them and whatnot, but I promise you, the real peak of the relationship, the highlight of when things started to get better in your life, was when they left.

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