When you find yourself in a funk

Good morning and good morning y’all,

Happy Saturday!

Today we’re talking about those times when without knowing how you got there, you find yourself in a funk. A funk is that place where you’re feeling down and can’t seem to feel anything but sorry for yourself. Even when you’re not the type to whine or throw yourself a pity party. In a funk, you’re not yourself and you sure as hell don’t act like yourself. In those times when you’re feeling down, a good way to pull yourself out is to start making a gratitude list. Write down all the things good in your life and remind yourself that while you will have moments where you will feel down for seemingly no reason, there are still things to look forward to. Believers, what do we always say? The devil is a lie! Life has its sucky moments but it has its good moments too. We take the good with the bad but we don’t let the bad keep us down.

Have a lovely Saturday y’all and you already know the vibe

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Choose peace, flee drama, drink water



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