Putting the good in “good grief”

Good morning and good morning folks,

Happy Friday y’all,

Let’s talk about grievances. The definition of grievance is something that causes distress. Grievances could be people, things about ourselves, situations, circumstances etc. For example, I wear glasses and the reason I wear them is because I’m nearsighted. Would my life be easier if I could just see like everybody else with 20/20 vision? I don’t know about easier, but it would definitely be more convenient. If you ever watched Scooby Doo growing up you remember the character Vilma. Anytime her glasses would fall off off her face she’d go into this tizzy about how she couldn’t see without her glasses, and I one thousand percent relate to that. Wearing glasses is a mild grievance though. In life, we’re dealt distresses that we wish we could remove. For example, one of my more aggravating grievances would be the ADHD. We all have those things in our lives that if we could change, our lives would be significantly easier, better, or more improved in some way. While it’s easier to throw yourself a pity party, feel some type of way about the cards you were dealt, be encouraged instead about the fact that God knows about the thorns in your life. If they’re still there (because God does have a way of removing things out of your life) that just means that its presence or absence, doesn’t actually make a difference in the large scheme of things for you. It might not feel like “neither here nor there” right now, but in the large scheme of things when you do look back one day, you’ll see that it was neither here nor there. Remember, nothing can keep you down or hold you back unless you give it the permission and power to do so.

Have a wonderful Friday folks, and you already know the vibe

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Choose peace, flee drama, drink water



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