Keep calm, love will find you

Good evening and good evening friends,

I hate having to say good evening to y’all because I prefer to come at you in the morning πŸ™

Happy belated Valentine’s. I really wanted to jump on here for Valentine’s Day but I couldn’t because I’d fallen behind on a couple of other things that I needed to do, and it took me all weekend and yesterday just to catch up.

In the spirit of Valentines Day though, I still wanted to share this Valentine Day message with you. Notice in our little animation video up top it doesn’t say “in the end you eventually find love,” but instead it says “in the end love eventually finds you”. Why is that? I’ll tell you why. I’m not saying don’t look for love, but looking for love is a tricky business, and here’s why. You need to be careful with the attitude with which you’re using to search for love. If your attitudes sound something like “I don’t want to be single anymore” “everybody around me is getting boo’d up” “I just really want somebody to love and accept me” “when will it ever happen for me” “i hate being alone” friend, these are the attitudes you need to be careful about when it comes to looking for love. But why, aren’t they just honest expressions of your feelings? Yes. Are they valid? Fuck yeah! Is it human to feel this way? It absolutely is, but here’s what’s dangerous about attracting from this frequency (I’m about to impress you with my knowledge of chakras), this is all coming from your root chakra. Your root chakras is your lowest chakra. Not to say look down on your root chakra. Lowest chakra just means, that this is the chakra where all your survival instincts live. This is your chakra where you become aware of the things you lack and work to problem solve. While no chakra actually works on it’s own, love does not belong to this chakra because when it comes to survival, you operate on pure instinct. Not logic, and sure as hell not your highest self. Think of a time you’ve ever been hungry. Did you care where what you ate came from, be it the vending machine, gas station store, fast-food drive-through? I’m not bashing any of these places as they’ve come through for me, but they wouldn’t normally be my first choice. Sometimes, it’s just what’s available, because I didn’t have time to prepare what I actually wanted. But getting back to what I was saying, did you think of how it would make you feel after you ate it, or was it more important that you got something to eat. Not having love in your life shouldn’t feel like your lacking something fundamental or vital to your survival. If it feels that way, it’s possible you’re operating in your root chakra because love is something that you receive. Survival is the opposite of receiving, it’s seeking. When you seek, you’ll pretty much take whatever but when you’re calm enough to receive, you won’t accept just anything.

I say this all the time, but loneliness is not your portion. God says this back in the garden of Eden when He made Adam a helper. God said “it’s not okay that man should walk alone.” Man meaning humans, not just men. God wasn’t theorizing when He said this. He watched it play out, and you can even go as far as to say He tested it out, and His conclusion was, “No, this ain’t it. Adam needs a companion.” You need a companion, we all do, and we’ll all get one. One day, when you’re in that wonderful relationship with your husband, wife, or whichever way you swing, I hope you don’t look back at this time in your life before you were linked up with them, and ask yourself why you wasted so much time sweating details you didn’t need to sweat. Love will find you.

I hope that encouraged someone, and as always, you know the vibe

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Choose peace, flee drama, drink water



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