A life that excites you

Good morning and good morning folks,

Let’s talk purpose. Notice the above clip says “may you fill your days” and not, “may your days be filled with …” because the latter suggests that someone somewhere is supposed to be filling your life with purpose. It’s no one’s responsibility but yours, to set yourself up for a life you’d want to live. Purpose is your reason for being. It’s the reason you were given your life because there’s something you’re here to do. The first step in uncovering your purpose is believing that you have one. The second step, is not letting anybody convince you that your purpose, your reason for being, is stupid. Remember you’re here for specific reason, you’re not here to fulfill anbody elses idea of purpose for your life. Fulfilling somebody elses idea of your purpose over your life is the equivalent of an oil pump in a car’s engine saying to the fuel pump, “you should be using oil and not gas”. Just as I would instruct the little fuel pump to let the engineer who designed it, and not the oil pump outline its purpose, is the same way I’d like to impart on you, allow the one who knew you before you were formed in the womb, help you figure out what your purpose is. Usually, it’s the things that make you feel more yourself, or that bring out more of you, that are the things that have to do with your purpose. Take inventory of whatever those things are, and fill your days with more of that.

I hope that encouraged someone, have a lovely day and remember,

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Choose peace, flee drama, drink water



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