Letting people go

Good morning and good morning everyone,

I missed you all yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well but I’m a lot better today. Nothing serious though, it was the result of me thinking I could run on very little sleep two nights in a row.

Anyway, let’s talk about letting people go. I think the difficult part of letting people go is realizing that y’all weren’t on the same page about what your relationship was. It’s even tougher when you’d thought that the relationship would eternally hold a special place in your heart but then things don’t quite work out that way. (Sorry to anyone going through this). There are people who know the esteem you hold them to, but because you’re not on the same page of what the relationship actually is, they’ll prey on the fear you have of losing them, not realizing that it’s not them per se that you’re afraid to lose. The fear is in losing someone you thought you were building something solid with. So for example, a best friend. For most people, best friends become like family. But if you wind up having to let go of that relationship, you’re left wondering whether you’ll ever get the opportunity to build that relationship again, because let’s face it none of us can build relationships on our own. We need other people whether we like it or not, but it’s important to understand that everybody has this vulnerability. It’s not unique to just you. That’s why people who prey on this vulnerability are not worth building any kind of relationship with because they have the same vulnerability in them that they’re trying to exploit in you.

It’s even worse when the person has a title in your life. For example with family members. You only get the cousins, siblings, parents, and grandparents etc. you get. So when those relationships wind up being tumultuous, it sucks. Regardless it doesn’t matter who you think a person represents. Anybody who preys on your fear of not having closeness, intimacy, mutual respect etc. in a relationship by threatening to walk out of the relationship, using tactics like silent treatment, ghosting, distancing themselves as their way of communicating isn’t anybody worth being in a relationship with. When a person’s walking out, they walk out with the intention of never coming back. The people I’m describing, head toward the exit, but then come back and repeat the process as many times as it serves them. What I’m trying to get at is, don’t play that. Don’t tolerate it but instead, wait on God. God doesn’t like people being lonely (notice I didn’t say alone) so He’ll bring people into your life to help you build these relationships that you’d like to have. He can’t fill an occupied position though. It needs to be vacant first. What that means for you is letting go and not trying to make something that’s not working, work.

I didn’t mean to make this so long. I might have been compensating for yesterday. Anyway, have a wonderful day and remember,

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