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Taking control of habits

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Good morning and good morning,

I hope y’all had a great weekend. I ran into some technical issues this weekend so I wasn’t able to post for y’all Saturday and Sunday, but they did get resolved courtesy of the Happiness Engineers at WordPress, shout out to Arun and Kiera W.

Since it’s Monday, I thought we’d kick this week off talking about productivity. The best you can do to combat that feeling of “I don’t feel like it” is to develop habits. Habits in themselves sound repetitive, boring, and are a sure-fire sign that you’re getting older because habits settle you into a routine, (and maturity is being okay with that. There’s that aging again) but they do help with getting things done. We look at people who have habits developed to the point of routines and we see it’s usually people with responsibilities they can’t just “get to later”. Parents are one example of this. You don’t have to wait to get to that stage of your life where you can’t blow off whatever it is you need to do, to start developing useful habits now. I say useful habits because not having a habit is a habit in itself. Taking control of our habits isn’t a practice reserved for only the people with responsibilities they can’t ignore. Habits are for anyone looking to get the most out of life. When you “habit” long enough (remember, not establishing habits is a habit) you create routines. Those routines in turn you set up to receive either the best, the mediocre, or the least your life has to offer. The choice is yours.

I hope that encouraged someone, before I sign off, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve re-worded our vibe. It sounded too similar to Patrice Roberts’s song “Mind My Business” and even though I knew that I wasn’t ripping her off and it was just a coincidence, I didn’t want it to seem like I was. Our new vibe is “choose peace, flee drama and drink water”. Like I said, I just re-worded it from “hold your peace, mind your business and drink water”. You’ll see that from now on and I’m going to go back and change it on previous posts. I knew folks who’ve been rocking with me for some time were going to be like, wait, what? You’re not going crazy. I did change it.

Have a wonderful day. For the sake of this post though, our vibe today is going to be

Suck it up, get it done, be done with it



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