When to give a second chance?

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As you start to grow or evolve in any capacity, be it a healing journey, a self-care journey, the journey towards becoming your best self, a fitness journey, whatever the journey, you’ll notice that people will start dropping out of your life. For some, their exit will be quiet, others, there’ll be some tension before they exit. That’s because not everybody can be a part of your journey, just as you’re not going to be a part of everybody’s journey either. Some people, you’ll find that their departure was seasonal and they might wind up returning to your journey, and you to theirs.

When I say few people deserve a third chance, I’m specifically referring to the people whose exit from your journey was strained, tense, and messy to put it simply. I’m not referring to the people who drifted away, but you were still on good terms. When God has to remove you from a situation by removing a person from your life, don’t go back to that situation. But Paula, Jesus said to forgive seven times seven, times. That is correct. We ought to forgive as many times as we need to. Forgiveness means giving ourselves permission to move past a hurt, slight, or offense despite how it made us feel. Forgiveness, however, is not a restoration of trust. On a healing journey especially, the word forgiveness is not a fan favorite because of the confusion that surrounds what it actually means. All I’m saying is people don’t just drop out of your life for no reason. Don’t undo any progress you’ve made by inviting the wrong company into your life. The same God who removed them is the same God who can put them back, but let Him be the one to do it. And if He doesn’t put them back, don’t be discouraged. God doesn’t like people being lonely so He’ll put whoever needs to be in that position, in their position. Makes sense?

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Hold your peace, mind your business, and drink water



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