Journaling for self-care

Good morning and good morning,

Journaling gets you used to listening to your own inner voice because as you’re writing down your thoughts, you’re listening to them as well. It’s why journaling is therapeutic. Journaling lets you let out your thoughts and process them as well. Self-care isn’t just something we do for our bodies, it’s for our minds and emotional states of being as well. Journaling is a good form of self-care because our minds tend to revisit past experiences. It might be our subconscious trying to let us know that there’s something to be worked out. Rather than revisit those moments and have them leave you feeling some type of way, write them down and start the process of working through them. I like to pray before I journal. I do so to invite the Holy Spirit to work through whatever I’m going to work through with me. One of the biggest fears I used to have with journaling was that somebody I didn’t want finding my journal would read it. To a degree, having my journal read by anyone I haven’t given permission to do so would irritate me however, it’s not a fear I have anymore. The way I see it is, someone who’s reading your journal going page to page, must not have anything better to do, and those are not your issues but theirs to work out.

Have a lovely day today and remember to do one act of self-care for yourself today. You know the vibe,

Hold your peace, mind your business and drink water,



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