Relationships we didn’t choose, a.k.a family

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This is for whoever’s on a healing journey but still has to be around the people who contributed to them having to heal in the first place. The bible calls us to love one another, not like one another. Love and relationship are complementary but they’re also mutually exclusive. Neither love nor relationship need each other. It’s possible to have relationship with no love present, just as it’s possible to exercise love without the presence of a relationship. I’ll give examples. Marriage is a type of relationship, and loveless marriages are a thing. Is it the lack of PDA or passion that makes a marriage appear loveless? My understanding of what the scripture defines love as is looking out for. Love one another as you love yourself, look out for one another as you would yourself. When Jesus said to Peter, take care of my sheep. He was essentially saying to Peter, look out for these folks when I’m gone will ya! So, no, it’s not the lack of passion or PDA that makes a marriage seem loveless. It’s the not looking out for each other, or the actively trying to destroy one another, that signals to the absence of love in a marriage.

The opposite is seen when anytime we hear about some sort of calamity hitting a community, for example a hurricane, or an earth quake, or even when we see a person collapse for example. Most people’s insticnt would be to get up and try to help however we can. In those situations, not only do people not have relationship with the people they’re extending love to, but they’ve probably never met them, and probably never will. Love, the act of looking out for, has never needed, nor will it ever need relationship to extend from person to person.

Getting back to family. I’m a believer that the word family should mean something, but I also understand that a red flag doesn’t change color just because its your family member is waving it at you. God calls us to love one another, not like one another. Don’t give up on family. You can still extend love without having to open yourself up for relationship. You don’t need to like anybody to show up for them when it counts. And that, “when it counts” is yours to define. I come from a big family so, when I decide, “this doesn’t count” I have the luxury of referring the person to the nearest family member ๐Ÿ™‚ Perks of a big family.

I usually apologize for the long posts, especially ones that come with sermons but its SUNDAY! I regret nothing. I hope this encouraged somebody, and if you choose to give some consideration to what I’ve said, take your time with it. You already know the vibe here,

Hold your peace, mind your business and drink water



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