Why is does it get lonely when you choose authenticity?

Good morning and good morning friends,

Happy Friday šŸ™‚

Today we’re talking about why authenticity is lonely? Authenticity is the decision to go inwards so we can start to reflect what’s in us, outwards. When we go inwards, we’re essentially ridding ourselves of everything that’s not a part of who we are, that has attached itself to us throughout the course of our lives. Authenticity is lonely because our spirit actively isolates us. What do I mean by spirit? You’re a spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a body. Think of a butterfly. When it’s time, a caterpillar will actively isolate itself by making a cocoon. When we choose to be true to ourselves and start walking in our truth, our spirit does the same thing.

In the physical realm, that isolation manifests as not attracting the friends or relationships we’d like to attract, or our hopes and dreams just not manifesting no matter what we do. Just like a caterpillar is being transformed into a butterfly in the cocoon, we too are being transformed by our circumstances and experiences during this isolation period. This Friday, I just wanted to encourage somebody that the isolation is temporary. The loneliness you’re experiencing is only going to be for a season. Just like a caterpillar never stays in the cocoon forever, your spirit isn’t going to isolate you forever. What does scripture say? When you have a light, do you put it under a basket or do you place it somewhere people can not only see it but benefit from its light? When you’re ready young grasshopper, that cocoon your spirit has you in is going to shed away.

I hope that encouraged somebody, as always have a lovely day, sending you nothing but love, and remember,

Hold your peace, mind your business, and drink water,



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