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Is silent treatment toxic? Yes!

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Good morning and good morning folks!

I’m so sorry I didn’t get to post for y’all yesterday. I had a change in schedule I’d completely forgotten about so it threw my whole day off, but I did miss y’all 🙂

Is silent treatment toxic? Absolutely. Silent treatment is not the same as when a person needs space because space is communicated. Communication often precedes “space”. People will communicate when they need space. Very subtle difference. With silent treatment, does communication happen after they’ve gone quiet instead of, before they go quiet? No, it doesn’t happen after the fact either because communication isn’t vital to control. What winds up happening after silent treatment is the expectation that the whole thing will get swept under the rug and you’re all just supposed to continue on as if nothing happened. Silent treatment isn’t a tool used to repair your relationship, it’s a tool used to restore the power dynamic of the relationship. I don’t even know that I would call that a relationship at that point. Pay attention to the red flags in your life this season. For my fellow believers, you know that your flawed heart is to serve God, and not whoever’s trying to be god in you’re life. When you see this particular flag, take the opportunity to silently exit that relationship because God didn’t write that for you over your life. You got a better inheritance coming. It might take a while to manifest but you got a better inheritance coming.

How’d you like my sermon? Just kidding. Have a wonderful day and remember our vibe,

Hold your peace, mind your business, and drink water



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