Everybody needs sunscreen

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If you’re melanated like me, you probably grew up thinking that you don’t need sunscreen because getting sunburned isn’t a problem you deal with too often on beach days. About that. There’s two types of UV rays. UVA and UVB. People with melanin in their skin handle UVB rays a lot better than people without melanin in their skin. Reason being, melanin absorbs UVB rays hence why, people with melanin get darker before they burn. Melanin acts as a shield for the skin cells, but similar to all sunburns, when a melanated person gets sunburned, skin cells have died. Yes, melanated skin can get sunburned too. Both UVA’s and UVB’s can affect your skin on a cellular level. Meaning, both these rays can reach and alter your DNA. Alter your DNA how you ask? Skin cancer because UV regardless of whether it’s A or B is carcinogenic. It can also lead to premature aging, UVA more than UVB. (As a black person, I’m not trying to be the one who cracked)

Something else unrelated I’ve learned about having melanin. Consider supplementing vitamin D because melanin blocks UV rays from getting to the skin cells. UV rays carry vitamin D, so if the melanin is blocking and absorbing the UVB ray as well as the vitamin D, your skin cell isn’t getting as much as it could. Something to think about. Something else to think about, adding sunscreen to your DAILY (yes I said daily) skin care routine. I live somewhere there’s four seasons, and if you do too, you must think, that’s dumb! But UVA’s and UVB’s don’t go off season.

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