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Why am I procrastinating?

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Hey y’all, good morning and happy Friday!

I know we’re not supposed to live for the weekends, but Friday just has that energy about it 🙂

Let’s talk procrastination. You may think procrastination is just a thing you do because, that’s what you’ve always done, or that’s how you are, and it is what it is, but that’s not the case. Procrastination has a driver, and sometimes that driver is fear. Not always, but a lot of times it is. I say not always because there’s times where we can actively choose to procrastinate on something, but when that’s the case, we’re usually clear on why we’re doing that. When we’re not clear on why we won’t start, it’s usually the fear of something holding us back. Fear of failing, fear of inadequacy, fear of rejection, there’s usually something we’re afraid of. I get it my fellow procrastinator. Your fears are valid, but you can’t live afraid. Don’t let fear keep you in the shadows of your own life. Whatever it is you’ve been procrastinating on, go for it. Start and keep going till you’ve followed through on your efforts.

Happy Friday y’all, and you already know the vibe

Hold your peace, mind your business and drink water



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