Plastic Reducing Tip

Good morning and good morning everyone,

Fun fact, most plastic is not recyclable and roughly 8% of plastic is what actually gets recycled. Having that separate trash can for recycling and actively separating your recyclables from the trash feels good, but unfortunately, it’s not doing as much good as we’d hoped. This isn’t to say, stop recycling. Don’t stop recycling. While we may not know now how that number is going to go up from 8%, all hope is not lost. There’s still the other two R’s, Reducing and Reusing. While we as a planet have a lot to figure out about how we’re going to make recycling efficient, we as individuals can still make a difference through our choices. A lot of people feel good about recycling because they believe it’s actually doing something, and it is to some degree, but don’t think to yourself, “how disappointing for all those people”. While, yeah it is a little bit disappointing, what it also shows is that a lot of people if given the opportunity to take care of the planet, would. Don’t ever underestimate the difference you as an individual can make. That’s all from my soapbox folks.

Have a lovely day, and you already know,

Hold your peace, mind your business and drink water



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