How To Get Better At Saving Money

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Let’s talk savings. So, you’ve finally gotten to a place where you’ve dedicated a specific amount that you’re going to consistently take out your paycheck, and you’ve been consistent with it so you’re feeling good. You’ve also gotten a better handle of what your miscellaneous spending habits look like so you’re budgeting with them in mind. You’re on the up and up of handling your finances responsibly but, old habits start to rear their head. You see something you want, but something that’s not in your budget. Your budget for miscellaneous items isn’t enough to cover it, but it could be with a little help from the money in your savings. And you’ve been so good with putting money aside, you don’t doubt that you’ll be able to put that money right back into your savings. When you go out drinking, there’s this thing called a seal. The seal is when you go to the restroom to pee because alcohol makes you pee a lot. And when you do pee, for the rest of the night you can expect to be in and out of the restroom, and that’s what’s known as breaking the seal. When these thoughts start to creep up on your finances, telling you it’s all good, just dip into your savings for this small little thing, you’re about to break the seal. Don’t do it. Before you know it, your spending habits will surpass your saving habits because somewhere in the back of your mind, you’re treating your savings like disposable income. Only dip into your savings for what you need, not what you want.

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