Forgiveness Vs Trust

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The most annoying piece of advice when on a healing journey is to forgive. But the reason it’s annoying is because of the expectation that follows forgiveness which is that everything should return to how it was. Forgiveness is letting go of the hurt, offense whatever, but forgiveness isn’t sweeping the hurt or offense under the rug. You’re not supposed to go back to how things were, you’re supposed to learn something, either about yourself, the other person, or the relationship, and adjust something. I was reading David’s story before he became king, and on two occasions, David gets the opportunity to kill Saul but he doesn’t. On those same two occasions, Saul gives speeches talking about how he sees why David’s anointed, acknowledges that David’s a better man, it sounds like Saul’s genuinely had a change of heart. You would think, David who’s been out in the wilderness will go back to his homeland with Saul but on each occasion, he goes back to the wilderness. The first time he does it you’re like, huh, he went where? But the second time he does it you’re like, that’s smart. The reason the opportunity to kill Saul presented itself a second time was because Saul was doing David dirty as usual trying to kill him, but David got the upper hand again, yet he chose not to use it. That’s kind of what forgiveness is. You don’t take revenge even when the opportunity arises, and you keep your wits about you. David had the utmost respect for Saul because God anointed him, but David didn’t trust Saul further than he could throw him. Sometimes it be like that. You can have love for somebody, but just because you do, doesn’t mean you need to trust them or restore them to their former positions that you thought they were right for in your life. Something to think about.

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