How to defeat doubt

Good morning and good morning!

I hope y’all had a great weekend 🙂

Let’s talk doubts. Doubt will kill your dreams but the worst kind of doubt, is when it’s self doubt. Truth is, whenever anybody sets out to do something, be it start a business, introduce a new piece of tech, pitch an idea etc. They’re not usually sure how things will go. Everybody has doubts. Just because some people are more confident in their ideas doesn’t mean they don’t have doubts, they do. In my own experience, I’ve found that the way you come against doubt, is by following through on your efforts. Ignore your doubts and keep setting sail on whatever you’re doing. Doubts get you because they get you looking back while you’re in the middle of the process. From the middle of anything, you don’t have the whole view so its easy to see how you can get easily discouraged. That’s assuming you’re even lucky enough to make it to the middle of the process. I don’t know what you got going on, but follow through on your efforts.

Have a great week of following through on shit, you already know, but if you don’t the vibe here is,

hold your peace, mind your business and drink water



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