You start winning when you master consistency

Good morning folks, Happy Friday 🙂

Consistency is actually the hardest part of working out. (It’s the hardest part of any long-term goal you’re trying to accomplish really if you think about it.) But why is consistency hard? The itch to see quick results is what makes consistency very difficult. Quick results would be awesome, but when that’s not the case (which is most of the time) the next best thing is milestones. When you don’t see quick results, you give up. Worse than following through on something and failing, is failing to follow through and never really knowing how things would have turned out if you’d just been consistent. I don’t know what y’alls goals are this year, but let’s make a pact, that we’re going to be consistent in our efforts. Sound good?

Have a wonderful day fam, and you already know the vibe,

Hold your peace, mind your business, and drink water



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