Say Hell No To Toxicity

Goodmorning gentle people,

Happy Monday! Before I say anything about toxicity, this popped into my head and I have to share it. I will be teasing some folks but it’s good natured. I’m not really coming for you and I know y’all mean well when you say this … but getting to it. You ever been holding a baby and somebody gushes and says, “Aww, your practicing ^_^”

Practicing what, sir or madam? What would you have me do with this baby because here I thought I was, just vibing with this tiny human who I noticed wanted to sleep so I started to rock them. What would you have me do instead? Also, if I ever had a baby and I knew somebody needed to “practice” best believe it wouldn’t be with my baby. What are they even practicing? To hold them? I wouldn’t give them my baby. What if I hand them my three month old and they take them by the tiny feet, flip them upside down and sling them over their shoulder like a towel? No ma’am or sir! And here’s the thing about when people are practicing for something. They usually carry around equipment with them. So when you saw me get handed the child, did I pull out the bucket, some water, baby soap and the baby towel I usually carry around in my pocketbook in the event that the opportunity to bathe a baby will come about because I need to practice that particular life skill?

I’m just messing, I know no meaness is meant by people who say this but still, I had to make fun of it because I love vibing with babies and kids. My family has a lot of them. A little humor for Monday.

Anyhoo, the topic of this post, toxicity. When a person deliberately does something they know will hurt you, that’s toxicity. Unfortunately, toxicity isn’t going anywhere, but if you can recognize when a certain behavior is toxic, while it may hurt, you don’t need to take it personal. Usually we make this mistake that when a person is being toxic they are choosing to be so. Something about us is making them act toxic towards us, but the truth is, toxicity is all they know. The Bible says you will know them by their fruit. If the fruit is toxic so is the tree. Toxicity is usually done so you can fix something in your behavior, and you’ll try and fix whatever it is you think you need to fix but the truth of the matter is, it’s not you that needs fixing, but them. Toxicity is something they have to get to the root of themselves and no one, not even you, can do that for them. That fruit you see is only a fraction of their toxicity. The rest of it is usually within them because they’re living in it.

Have a happy Monday everybody and remember, hold your peace and mind your business.



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