Is walking on eggshells the same as when we hear about love covers wrongs?

Good morning everyone,

Short answer, no.

Love is like a blanket that covers all wrongs, if you’ve heard that saying but don’t know where it comes from, it comes from scripture. The reason walking on eggshells is not the same thing as being loving is because the person you’re walking on eggshells for, doesn’t have those eggshells out by mistake. It’s not an accident they’re there. They’re there on purpose. Love covering wrongs refers to when somebody screws up, but you give the situation the benefit of the doubt that the way things played out wasn’t to done purposely to upset you, or hurt you. Eggshells are there to screw you over. Eggshells are there to set you up for offense and the funniest thing, you’d cover their offense with love, but they won’t cover your offense, mind you, they’re the ones who set you up to offend them. So remember this, Godly love does cover wrongs, sins, etc, but Godly love does not cover bull shit.

I hope that helps, have a lovely day,



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