Do A**holes ever get their karma?

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Revenge is the Lords! When somebody wrongs you, especially on purpose, you eagerly await the day karma comes a’knocking on their door. Try and resist the urge to do that. Reason being people who deliberately hurt you from a place of malice are not the kind of people God blesses. You may say, but they’re doing well, things are going their way. Despite how it may look, God’s Goodness and Mercy doesn’t continue to follow anyone when they start doing shit like that. I often say look at who goodness and mercy follows because when people act from a place of malice, God’s goodness and mercy usually departs from them. It’s not evident in the beginning, but give it time. The short answer to whether assholes get their karma is yes, but if you’re waiting on karma for someone, don’t. I can understand wanting the consequences of a person’s actions to catch up to them but think for a second about the type of person that makes you when you lie in wait, hoping and praying that karma gets them. Mind you, when you do this, you’re also refusing to take as many steps away from the person as you need to for your own benefit because in your mind, it’s more important to be in the vicinity so you can run back and see how karma gets them. Free yourself. Karma will eventually get them. As for the how? I’m sorry to say this but that’s none of your business.

I hope that helps even though that part about minding your business might have stung. Have a lovely day at least and remember,

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Choose peace, flee drama, and drink water.



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