You’re smarter and wiser, now what?

Good evening everyone,

Have you ever been there? Where the spirit of discernment falls upon you and you start to get smarter and wiser about the people you’ve allowed into your company? Or, you start to become wiser about “what about you” that allows a certain brand of person into your life?

I’ll give you an example, I’m a fixer. This website is a testament to that. I saw the different states of wellness weren’t being looked at by both myself, and others thus contributing to an overall state of unhappiness so what did I do? I created a website where we can talk about wellness, examine it, dissect it and just pick it apart so we can figure out what it is we need to do to be better, grow etc.

People who problem-solve don’t typically give up easily, and that’s true of “fixer” personalities. Reason being, a solution will either solve your problem or show you how not to solve your problem, which in itself is a solution. So, transfer that to how I “relationship”. Not just romantic, but in general. How I form relationships with other people. I think this is true for everyone who relates to being a fixer, but I’ll just speak for myself here, I can see who people have the potential to become. I often can see “greatness” in people that people may not often see in themselves and so for that reason, I’ll overlook all flags.

Going back to relationships. Or actually, a simple “adage” (how fancy) you can bring a horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink the water … said no fixer ever. What you can do is, you can get a hose, stick in the horses mouth and make it drink water because it’s not dying of thirst on your watch. The other thing you can do is bring it to a large pool of water, not a trough or a bucket of water, you’ll need a large water body for this to work. Next what you’ll do is, you’ll push that horse in. It’ll be drowning but it’ll also be drinking water and not dying of thirst. Just don’t forget to rescue it or else it won’t have died of thirst, but it would have died of drowning.

Kidding aside. You’ve gotten to a point where you see how patterns within yourself are just damaging for yourself and you feel like a dumbass. Your smarter and wiser, but why weren’t you before? Here’s some pointers in VIDEO FORM!!! on where to go next 🙂

You guys, this is the very first video ever made by Rea (the short for Reclaiming Eudaimonia) had a whole logo change and everything. We’re Rea now. But Yaay!

In conclusion, I would like to leave you with this. The Spirit of discernment is listed in the Bible as one of the GIFTS of the Holy Spirit. It’s a gift. Know, trust and believe that when the spirit of discernment is upon you or gifted to you, that’s because you’ve got a blessing headed your way. Remember, the spirit of discernment always precedes a blessing because God, out of His kindness, doesn’t want your foolishness screwing the blessing so first He makes sure you’re smart enough to handle it. So be encouraged this evening my fellow dumbass :).

As for my fellow fixers. If you’re wondering what discernment for us looks like, discernment is when we stop making shit that ain’t our problem, our problem. Discernment is knowing how to regulate energy. Some relationships you’ll give everything you’ve got, other’s you’ll give trickles, and some you won’t give anything at all. Discernment for us fixers is when we allow the flags to show us which relationship is which.

I hope this helps! Have a wonderful evening and week ahead, I’ll catch you next week same time 🙂

Stay blessed!



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