How can I grow curves?

Good evening everyone 🙂

I hope y’all had a good Sunday, and I can’t believe I forgot to say this last week but, Happy Belated Thanksgiving y’all. Mine was awesome even though I burned the turkey (just a little), but props to me, ’twas my first turkey ever. I’ve never actually cooked it. My aunt who’d passed away recently usually made it and I really wished I’d watched what she’d done because her turkey recipe was fire!!! And as you know anyone who celebrates Thanksgiving, Turkey’s not really the star even though it’s the centerpiece. When I tell you her turkey was fire, it was *chef’s kiss* considering how hard turkey is to spice. For something so tasteless, you would think it would be ready to absorb flavor but no. It’s not like chicken at all. Turkey for some reason is just determined to remain tasteless. Hence why all the side dishes are the stars. But I digress.

Last week, even though it had nothing to do with Physical Wellness, we talked about Apetamine. That’s what prompted we hit up Physical Wellness this week. If you’re curious about that discussion, check out the post here Navigating ADHD with Meditation (told you it had absolutely nothing to do with Physical Wellness). In that discussion, I said I would post about better ways of gaining weight, but it dawned on me that the reason some of you ladies (sorry gents but I haven’t read about guys using Apetamine. This isn’t to say I haven’t heard about guys using dubious means to gain muscle. Today, we’re just zooming in on Apetamine.)

As I was saying, the reason some of you ladies are taking Apetamine is because you want curves. So I thought I’d focus on curves even though last week I’d said weight gain.

I hope that was helpful, if you have any questions, feel free to comment them below or feel free to email me.

Before I sign off, I just want to add one more thing. Big booties, tig old bitties, thickness, curves etc. tend to be associated with black women more than any other race, and I just want to say, on top of society pushing whatever standard it likes on people, it hits different when you’re body is supposed to naturally be thick, or your bootie’s naturally supposed to be plumpy (like Moto Moto likes them – just ignore if you didn’t get this) but it’s not. There’s an added pressure to live up to what you’re “supposed to look like”. I just want to say what you look like now, and in any stage of your life is what you’re “supposed to look like”.

“Easy for you to say Paula,” not true. Am I a little plumpy? Yes. So, right now, I just happen to line up with what the body standard is, but, I remember when I had a nurse say to me when I was a teenager, that I was getting a little wider than I am tall. I’m 5’3, it wouldn’t take that long for me to be wider than I am tall *so disrespectful*. In my lifetime, I’ve already seen skinny be the wave, and now, thicker, and bigger be the wave. And it’s exactly that, a wave, coming and going. Don’t base your content-ness with your body, on opinions that can’t seem to decide what they want.

That’s all from the soapbox. Have a lovely week and I’ll catch you next Sunday.



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