Navigating ADHD with Meditation

Good evening everyone πŸ™‚

I hope y’all had a good Sunday. I had a wonderful Sunday, I cleaned, did laundry and … the best part, I did it all with slayed edges. I’ve had a change in fortune recently because lately, the gods of SLAY have smiled upon my humble 4c edges, and all I know is that for now, my edges don’t seem to be resisting neither mine, nor the Edge Controls authority. So yeah, that’s why I went nowhere (except on errands), and did chores looking absolutely *chef’s kiss* not to mention it’s Watermelon scented, so that prompted me to throw on some lipgloss because I can’t smell like a snack and look basic.

Any hoo, the edge control in case you were wondering because now I can’t not mention it is called Edge Fixer Glued Max Hold and I have the Watermelon one. There’s other fruity scented ones as well, I got it from my local beauty supply store and it was about three or four bucks. And speaking of beauty supply store, I saw Apetamine the last time I was there Saturday, and the display had gaps meaning that some people had bought it. Don’t do it. Especially because it’s not going to do what you think.

Before I get into that, if you’re reading this section to see if I have more to add on the posters above, I don’t have anything else to add.

Getting back to Apetamine. It doesn’t train fat to go to your hips, thighs, ass and boobs. The fat will go where your body tells it to go and not only will Apetamine make you eat more, it’ll make you lethargic so how are you going to work out sis? With what energy boo? I’m not against weight gain, or building that butt, or curves, but Apetamine’s not it. Especially if you have apple body type fat distribution so all that extra fat will just go to your midsection. For what? That wasn’t what you wanted it to do. And for you hourglass and pear shapes as well, it’s not going to miss your midsection. I know curvy frames have stomachs on them, but this is fat that has nowhere to go. It’s a caloric surplus that isn’t gradual, and one that was just “sprung” on your body. Just because your fat distribution favors your curves (pears and hourglasses it’s you I’m talking to) doesn’t mean that’s the only place it will go. Your back is a place. In between your boobs and armpit is a place. Your neck is a place too. Your face cheeks are a place but I got a little roundness to my face so I personally am not complaining about there πŸ˜› But for all you high cheekbone, amazing jawline and bone structure people, do you want your face to be a storage zone? And not to be morbid, but let’s not forget your arteries. Arteries are a place too.

Dr. Brian Yeung, ND

As always, thank you for reading, have a great week, and I’ll catch you next Sunday.



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