Getting Back To Business

Hello all,

I recently lost my aunt and for the past three weeks, I’ve been feeling very numb. I still feel numb, but I got motivated to get back up and continue this journey with you here at Reclaiming Eudaimonia because guys … our community is growing!!! 😀

When posting wasn’t even on my mind, I got email after email talking about how more people signed up to receive notifications and the latest posts. I thought that was automatic if you followed a blog, but I got the notifications that people were actively signing up to receive notifications, and showing support on social media as well. We also gained some new members, but of course, all this happens when my heart is sad, heavy, and numb. I’ve had my material prepared for weeks, but when I got the bad news in late October, and I just shut down.

This isn’t your typical wellness platform where you have an expert (me) teaching and imparting all her wisdom to her students (you). I’m a student of wellness just like you and sometimes, you’re the teacher, it’s not just me teaching, from what I’ve seen through our social media exchanges.I just wanted to let you know that I do see you, and I appreciate you.

My heart broke when my aunt passed away because I was releasing all the faith I had that my aunt would get better. When she didn’t, I retreated to everything and everyone that felt safe and comfortable to retreat to. I’m not out of retreating mode, but I am adding here as my list of places to retreat to. (You would think because I started this website that here would be a no brainer but no, the dumbassery runs strong in me.)

I wasn’t ready to do the healing work. But the fact that you appreciate what I’m trying to do here, pulled me back in because I’m not the only one going through it. We all got some shit we need to heal through, so wherever in our journey we are with our issues, the healing work goes on, and that’s what this platform is.

I appreciate that you’ve chosen to add my platform Reclaiming Eudaimonia as one of your resources to guide you along your path towards healing, towards ascending to your higher self, and towards unlocking your true self.

Next week, we’re jumping right back in and we’ll be looking at Intellectual Wellness or more specifically, how to use mindfulness practices to help with ADHD.

I hope I’ll see you next Sunday, thank you as always for reading, I appreciate your time.

Before you go, here are some pictures of my lovely aunt Xtine.

As you can see she served looks. She was also full of light and loved to smile. She will be missed.

Thanks again for your time and I’ll catch you next Sunday.

Stay blessed,



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