Book Club: A month in Wellness

Good afternoon!

I hope you’re doing well 🙂 I’d like to invite you to the club, the book club.

While researching for the topics I want to post about, I’ll often come across a book that I think would be an awesome read and so, I’ve decided to highlight two books for a particular month. For this month, we’ll be reading “Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person” by The School of Life. The posts that led me to discover Alain de Botton, the mind or one of the minds behind The School of Life was the post on L.O.V.E and the follow up Communicating With Our Partners Through the Frustrations

The next book we’ll look at is “Frientimacy” by Shasta Nelson. I came across Shasta Nelson when doing the posts on The Friends We Keep and Best Of Friends: Being A Good Friend.

I already got both of mine from Amazon, Kindle editions. Frientimacy did have an audible version if you’d prefer that, but “Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person” didn’t.

Both Kindle versions of the book came to under $20, not bad for 2 amazing books.

I’m excited to get started reading mine, and I hope you’ll join the book club too.

That’s all I have for the book club, check back in later for the post of what wellness topics we’ll be discussing for the upcoming month of September. I had a little bit of a block and that’s why I haven’t been posting but I worked through it and I’m excited for the topics to come.

That’s all from me, as usual, be well, stay blessed and I’ll catch you later.



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