God and The Rainbow

Hey there!

Last week, I felt that the topic was too broad and I needed something to narrow in on, so, I chose this. I’ve always felt a type of way when a person doesn’t work on their spiritual journey because they’re LGBTQ+. Like, no. People might not like you, but God will always LOVE you.

So … the above is just my two cents. I remember a story my friend was telling me where, while members of the LGBTQ+ were allowed at the church, they weren’t allowed to participate. Shit like ushering, choir leader, being involved in any way in the behind the scenes wasn’t allowed because I guess that church didn’t want to seem affiliated with the rainbow that wasn’t Noah’s. I thought that was sad. And call me crass, but this is how I understood it. “You’re allowed in because we want your money, but you’re not really welcome here”.

As usual, I have a YouTube video to share with you. Before I started blogging, I didn’t watch as many TED TALKS. Here the speakers are Kristin Saylor and Jim O’Hanlon.

That’s all I have for you today, have a great day and I’ll catch you Thursday for some financial wellness.



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