You Need Sunscreen

Hey there,

Happy Monday!

This could be an outdated mentality. It’s possible that people know better, but I thought I’d still touch upon this because I didn’t. The only reason I started putting on sunscreen was because of my tattoos. I was in Miami a couple of weeks ago and even with it’s heat, I still felt that I didn’t need sunscreen because I never need sunscreen, but my aunt set me straight. She hit me with facts about melanoma, skin cancer and how black people are affected by it too.

That’s the reason I thought I was immune to the sun by the way. Melanin. I’ve only ever gotten sunburned less than 5 times in my entire life because, I tan before I burn. I have to be in the sun a really long time before I get to that point where my skin’s peeling.

So since we’re looking at summer hygiene, I thought I’d put out this PSA to please put on your sunscreen, turns out you need it. Here’s the link to last week’s discussion, Hygiene Tips To Know For The Summer

Below I posted my favorite video on sunscreen. It’s narrated by Kevin Boyd. The other video I’ve posted on here is by Jasmine Bullard who’s tips on layering scents I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

That’s all from me, please enjoy these videos and I’ll catch you later for the post on what’s coming up this week.



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