Hygiene Tips To Know For The Summer

Hey there, happy thursday!

I’ll keep my chatter brief because I have a couple of videos for you to check out. This week has been one of my favorite things to post about. I love swapping hygiene tips because hygiene plays a lot into our confidence. When we’re not worrying about how we’re presenting ourselves, but instead feeling good and proud of ourselves for the effort we took to look good in a way that’s true to us!! *tear* Is there a better feeling? Also, being on top of our hygiene and not worrying about our hygiene checks one more thing off our summer to do list which is “hot girl” this summer. Instead, we now get to focus on the Meg knees, and the osteoporosis we didn’t know we had in just our knees.

Below were my favorite videos. I’m really glad I researched this topic for men as well because I learned something new. Sanitize your toothbrushes once a week? I didn’t know that. I thought just rinsing it after you brush your teeth was enough. It’s in the first video by Kxdsheldy.

Also, Hailey Gamba talks about wearing bras that sit your boobs higher as opposed to bras like your t-shirt bra which sit your boobs lower, or in my case, trying to get away with wearing tank tops under shirts because I don’t really feel like wearing bras or, just ditching the bra in general. Her point made so much sense to me because in the summer, my boobs out sweat my armpits. *mind blown emoji*

Let me know what point jumped out at you the most, or what you found most interesting. Before I forget, these videos talk about links for the products they’ve used, but seeing as I don’t have any of the links they’re talking about if you want to check out any of those links you’d have to switch to watching these videos on YouTube.

Without further ado, videos by Buff Dudes, Chloé Yazmean, Kxdsheldy and Hailey Gamba in that order.

That’s all I got for you this week, I’ll see you Monday for the final thoughts on this discussion. Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you later.



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