Best Of Friends: Being A Good Friend

Happy Monday!

Last week we looked at what separates a good friend from a not so good friend. While I hope last week’s post had you going, “yeah Paula you’re right! What am I doing in some of the friendships I’m in?”, don’t get too comfortable in that position. You may have been the victim of unknowingly choosing the “not-so-greatest” friends for yourself but this week, we’re turning things around on you and asking you the question, what kind of friend are you?

This list isn’t everything there is that makes us good friends. There’s more. So much more and feel free to add in the comments whatever you don’t see up there in the infographic.

Otherwise that’s it for the “More To Add” section on friendship. We’ll revisit this topic again in the future but for now, we’re going to move on.

I hope you enjoyed this discussion. Thank you as always for reading and I’ll catch you later.



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