Reducing and Reusing Plastics

Happy Monday,

I hope you had a good holiday weekend for those of you reading this in the U.S. As promised, the follow up to the post from last Thursday on Plastics. I’ll link that here for you if you’d like to read it. What’s The Point of Recycling Plastics?

This was a fun topic to research and I hope you’re enjoying the conversation around plastics. While this week environmental wellness isn’t on the lineup of things we’ll be discussing, the discussion around plastics doesn’t have to end so soon.

When it comes to reducing plastic use, I’ve found that it basically boils down to substituting. So, as a way to keep the conversation going, I’m going to keep looking into ways we can reduce single use plastics and share them with you on each post.

I’ll start with the company I mentioned in the infographic, Blueland. This video is from the NowThis Earth channel. I was looking for a video that would give you a demonstration of how the Blueland products work. In this video, the lady Lucy Biggers also talks with the Ceo of Blueland Sarah Paiji Yoo. Very cool stuff.

That’s all I got for you today, thank you as always for dropping by. Keep a lookout for the lineup of what’s in store for you this week, I’ll be publishing it shortly. Otherwise, have an awesome day and I hope to see you back here later during the week.



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