What’s The Point Of Recycling Plastics?

Hey there good people,

Happy Thursday and I hope you had a good wellness Wednesday.

The reason I wanted to talk about plastics was because I was reading my curbside pickup calendar for plastics and I saw something interesting. In the guidelines of recycling, it mentioned not having food items in the recycling bin. If you’re thinking to yourself “duuh!” Give me a chance to explain myself. You know how you throw out the take out pizza box, or the take out box the chicken wings came in, and there’s that sauce stuck on the box or, the crust that gets stuck on the pizza box or, how the pizza toppings fall off when you’re taking a slice. That’s an issue. I never knew that. I can give other examples of how food be getting in the recycling. If you use frozen veggies and you go to throw out the bag, especially with broccoli, there’s some particles that stay in the bag. Those little food items are an issue.

Here’s another one you may or may not have known. Did you know for curbside pickup, they don’t want shredded paper in the bins. I’m using my towns guidelines, things might be different where you’re at but, that statistic about 8.7% of plastic being recycled could even be less because while a lot of plastic isn’t recyclable, the shit that is probably isn’t getting recycled properly because a lot of people might not know how to recycle. I’m speaking for myself but don’t throw me under the bus. I’m not alone.

Did you know you’re not supposed to put Tupperware out for curbside pickup. DID YOU KNOW, that apparently, your town thinks you look at what resin identification code is on your plastic because in the list of guidelines set by my town, they be like, make sure it’s number one or two. Bitch! Also, I’m not going to tell you what is a “resin identification code” because your ass isn’t going to sit there and judge me. Google it.

If you’re new to the website welcome, but if you’re a veteran here, you’ll notice there’s been some changes. I have one more I’d like to announce. I’m thinking about doing follow up pieces or. I’m going to call it, more to add. More to add is basically another infographic as well, where anything I forgot to put in the infographic, I’ll add it. I’ll also go through your comments and whatever questions or burning points that came up, I’ll add them there so we can discuss them further. Seeing as we’re being shy and not really commenting on posts, this week on “More To Add”, I’ll talk more about reduce and re-use because people want to do what they can for the planet and like I said, even without the active plastic legislation or the companies that are putting out all this plastic looking into sustainable solutions for what to do with it, we as individuals can still make a difference.

I hope to see you back Sunday to continue this discussion around plastics otherwise until then, have a fantastic week.



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