PSA: Reminder to VOTE


This is going to be short. I didn’t get to make the infographic but the main takeaway of it was to vote. If you’re voting by mail in ballot, you’ll be disappointed to learn that THEY DON’T COME WITH THE I VOTED STICKER *weeping emoji*. But however your voting, VOTE. Those of us voting by mail won’t get that sticker but hopefully the next 4 years can be our sticker.

Things at any given moment are only ever doing one of 2 things. Progressing or regressing. If you think that shit will just stay the same, you’re wrong. So if you have to choose between things “not changing very quickly” or things “not changing at all (which is things getting worse at a slow enough rate for you not to notice)” choose progress, no matter how small.

5 more days left to Election Day

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