Dealing With Passive Aggressive Attitudes

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend.

Before I start, there’s 77 days left to election day and this is just to remind you to register to vote if you haven’t already. Here’s a few links to help you get started:

This infographic has an origin story. You probably figured.

This past weekend I was in Massachusetts and my friends and I went to a restaurant. For whatever reason the waitress decided to act brand new. We noticed but we didn’t think anything of it because we weren’t there to hang with her, we were having a good time and figured we’d only see sis occasionally when she had to be by our table.

When I tell you sis started to get irritating. She’d had this condescending tone the whole time we were ordering our drinks. One of my friends ordered a dirty martini she said something about the bar not not making it at that time which my friend was okay with but asked her to check with the bar because he’d been there before many times and had never heard that. He didn’t mention that part to her but politely asked her to find out. That word politely is very important when it comes to my friend and you’ll find out why shortly. Sis comes back with an attitude like “he says he’ll make it, do you still want it?”. Like the bartender was doing us a favor. My friend had specifically said “if the bar won’t make it, I’ll have a cranberry vodka.” There was three of us and my other friend and I are looking at each other like, “yes?”.

Up until that point, we’d noticed her attitude but hadn’t really talked about it. But like I said, we weren’t there for her, we were there to have a good time, and figured we’d only see her on occasion so it was a no brainer that we decided to pay her no mind. That was until she dropped menus in front of all us and expected to take our orders right that second. First off, nobody picked up their menu. I was the first one she was handing it to and because I’d seen her coming. I’d reached my had out to take it but she just dropped it in front of me. My other friend asks her, “did you just drop our menus?” This is what did it for me even more than the blatant rudeness. The minute that question was out my friends mouth, the switch up was unreal. “I’m sorry I must have done it very quickly. Would you like a few minutes?” I think what made her nervous was that nobody made a move for their menu and if you stood up and looked at the table, you’d see they were all crooked.

Remember my polite friend? My polite friend only has 2 modes. Angel or demon. No in between. While my other friend and I were busy asking questions, “you didn’t see my hand?” He just got up, went straight to the manager and requested a different server. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get anybody else because they were short staffed that day, but the manager made her apologize and it went something like “I didn’t know I sounded condescending … I’m under a lot of pressure … with the menu thing I was just did it quickly … blah blah and blah” Long story short, we decided to leave at that point and and sis didn’t get a tip. Say what you will. The whole, “I didn’t know I sounded condescending” is whatever, she’s not in my life so whether she works through that or not, I don’t have to care. But to say “I’m under a lot of pressure” I can understand being under pressure, I just lose empathy when somebody starts to think it gives them a right to act a certain way. The world does not revolve around anybody. We could have worked with her but she made it such that we no longer cared about whatever she was going through.

Bullshit is bullshit.

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