Shopping During COVID-19

JUST A QUICK UPDATE: I just did a post on Intuitive Eating that I thought might interest you if you liked this post.

Welcome back, I hope you had a good week.

I have a confessions to make, I’m a clean freak. COVID-19 only brought it out more. You’ve probably noticed that I suggest a lot of wiping down of things in the infographic. The good news is, while I know I can’t control whether I get the virus or not, I can try. The bad news is, I’ve seen people who are more cautious than me, or “bigger clean freaks” get the virus so, you can’t really control whether you get it or not.

At this point in the pandemic, everybody knows or at least knows of someone who’s been infected by the virus. Some of the people survived, some of them weren’t so lucky.

This weekend, I’d like to ask you to be careful. I know shit’s starting to open back up again, and it’s very tempting to pretend like things are normal, but they’re not. Stay cautious, stay safe, but most importantly, have a good weekend. See you Monday.

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