Benefits of Drinking Water

UPDATE: Hello beautiful people! I just did a post on Intuitive Eating so if you liked this infographic, check that out as well. Other posts I think you might like are Physical Wellness and Physical Fitness: New Me, Who Dis

With summer here, and outdoor activities (limited courtesy of COVID-19) being an option again, drinking water and staying hydrated is especially important during this time of the year.

A good goal to have when it comes to drinking water, is 2L a day. I’m big into listening to your body when it comes to nutrition so start out shooting for 2L, then let your body adjust it for you accordingly. The right amount for you could be somewhere slightly above 2L, or slightly under. If it’s much more than 2L say, 3L or 4L (a gallon), that’s okay too. Who’s drinking a gallon of water you ask? It depends on the type of exercise a person does, and their activity level.

Lastly, ice coffee, or tea. Very popular drink decisions now that its hot out but, it’s worth mentioning that caffeine dehydrates you. If you’re thirsty, (a state of already being dehydrated because the body’s way of signaling thirst isn’t great as far as alarm systems go. Very low grade.) reach for water instead. Enjoy your iced teas and coffee beverages, but also stay on top of your water.

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