Mental Health

Mental health affects you more than you think. You know that, “I hate talking about my feelings,” or “not wanting to let people see you … cry, angry, lash out, depressed, (unstable to sum it up)”? The why of it has to do with mental health.

Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. Mental health takes work. Anybody claiming not to need to check in with their own mental health status is lying. To you and to themselves. I’ve never known anything to not need maintenance ever. Mental health as it relates to wellness, is about acknowledging that it’s one of the things that intersects towards your overall health. Remember, wellness looks at your health overall and health isn’t just one thing, but an overlap of things. Things you’d think to think of like your physical health. Other things you wouldn’t think to think of like you’re financial state, or your mental health. That’s wellness. It looks at everything.

There’s more to talk about when it comes to mental health. This isn’t it, but for today I just wanted to bring it to your attention that this is an area of your own health you should be looking into. Start thinking about what mental health means to you.There’s more to this conversation, and there will be a part two, three, four, who knows how many (it’s a long conversation) so in the meantime, would it be so bad if the next thing I talk about is the benefits of hydration? It’s summer and all. We’re also quarantined, but we’re not quarantined from going outside so. If the next post is about hydration, know that the conversation about mental health isn’t over. It’s just beginning (I said that last part for dramatic effect. Let me know if chills just suddenly ran down your spine).

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