Physical Wellness

(UPDATE: Let me just start by saying how I can’t believe that this only was my second post. Many posts later, there’s another infographic on physical wellness called Physical Fitness: New Me, Who Dis that I did recently. Check it out if you liked this one. Other posts on physical wellness I’ve done are that I think you might also like are Exercising During Covid-19 and Beating The Exercise Rut and Intuitive Eating. Thank you as always for stopping by, Xoxo – P.M )

Physical wellness is showing your body love, not punishing it.

Most people have health insurance through their jobs or school (if you’re a student) but not everybody has health insurance. Below are links to articles that explain what options there are if you don’t have health insurance. (None of the websites below are sponsoring me, I’m just using them because they offer useful information)

How to see a doctor when you don’t have health insurance

I don’t have health insurance but I need healthcare services. What do I do?

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